low-emission zone 2020 Ghent

Low-emission zone in Ghent 2020

To improve air quality, Ghent’s inner city (the area within the ring road) will become a low-emission zone on 1 January 2020. Only vehicles that meet the conditions for admission will be allowed into this zone.


In what area will the low-emission zone be implemented?

Registration obligation

Permitted vehicles with a foreign number plate must be registered. You can register your vehicle from September 2019 via the registration tool at www.lez2020.gent. Always check your vehicle in advance to avoid a fine!

ATTENTION: Beware of certain commercial companies (e.g., Green Zone) that offer you a service against payment. This service has no legal value and City of Ghent is not in any way involved in this service. You can register your vehicle or buy a permit without additional administrative fees from September 2019 via the registration tool at www.lez2020.gent , which is operated by the City of Ghent.There is no obligation to show a physical document as proof that you may enter the low emission zone in Ghent. The check is done based on the number plate and is fully automated. 


Will your car still be allowed inside this area?

Access to the low-emission zone is granted based on the euronorm and the fuel type of your vehicle.

Check if your vehicle will be allowed into Ghent’s low-emission zone in 2020

Starting in September 2019 you will be able to test online at www.lez2020.gent whether your vehicle will have access to the low-emission zone.

Would you like to know right now if your vehicle will still have access? Send your question to lez@stad.gent

Where can you find the euronorm of your vehicle?

The euronorm can be found on the registration certificate of your vehicle beneath ‘milieuklasse’ (environmental class). Is the euronorm of your vehicle unknown? In that case it will be based on the date of the first registration as indicated on the registration certificate..

What is the euronorm?

The euronorm is a European environmental score for vehicles. The higher this score, the more environmentally friendly your vehicle is. In the table below you can check, based on the euronorm and fuel type of your vehicle, whether you will have access to the low-emission zone in Ghent. Take note: from 2025 onwards these admission requirements will become even stricter.

Euro 6 Admitted Admitted
Euro 5 Admitted Admitted
Euro 4 Admitted after payment Admitted
Euro 3 Not Admitted Admitted
Euro 2 Not Admitted Admitted
Euro 1 Not Admitted Not Admitted
Before Not Admitted Not Admitted

To whom does the Ghent low-emission zone apply?

The low-emission zone applies to: 

  • all domestic and foreign vehicles (passenger cars, camper vans, vans and trucks, agricultural vehicles, buses - this also includes tourist coaches)
  • petrol and diesel vehicles
  • gas-fuelled vehicles (CNG, LNG and LPG)
  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week starting from 1 January 2020

The low-emission zone does NOT apply to: 

  • mopeds and motorcycles
  • electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles with a maximum CO2 emission of 50g/km
  • priority vehicles, such as police or fire trucks

Administrative fine

Smart cameras read each number plate. If an unauthorized vehicle enters the LEZ, an administrative fine is imposed.

More information?

More information can be found at www.lez2020.gent