Conditions for entering the low-emission zone

Whether you can enter the low-emission zone depends on the fuel and Euro emissions standard of the vehicle. Check the conditions.

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Which vehicles does the LEZ apply to? 

The conditions for entering the low-emission zone apply to all vehicles running on diesel, petrol, LPG, CNG or LNG and falling under the following categories:

The category of your vehicle is indicated in the registration certificate, in box J. 

Does your vehicle have free access? Then you do not have to do anything.  

Authorisation after registration 

You need to register certain vehicles, free of charge, before you can enter the low-emission zone. Check which vehicles this concerns here.  

The LEZ does not apply to 

mopeds and motorbikes, electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles with maximum CO2 emissions of 50g/km.  

Please note: plug-in hybrid vehicles will be treated like other vehicles based on their Euro emissions standard. 

What are the current conditions for entry? 

Whether you can enter the low-emission zone depends on the Euro emissions standard and fuel of the vehicle.  

  • The Euro emissions standard is a European environmental standard for vehicles and is represented by a number. The higher the euro emissions standard, the lower the emissions. For trucks and buses, the euro emissions standard is indicated by a Roman numeral. 
  • Fuel: the conditions for entry are stricter for diesel cars. These emit more soot and particulate matter. 

Your vehicle's euro emissions standard or class can be found on the registration certificate in the 'environmental class' section.Can't find a euro emissions standard there? Then the date of first registration of your vehicle determines whether it can enter the LEZ or not. 

Foreign vehicle? The following is an overview of all registration certificates in Europe.  

The conditions until 31 December 2025 

Euro emissions standardsDieselPetrol/LPG/CNG en LNG**
Euro 6/VIfree access free access 
Euro 5/V*free access free access 
Euro 4/IVaccess after payment free access 
Euro 3/IIIaccess with LEZ day pass free access 
Euro 2/IIaccess with LEZ day pass free access 
Euro 1/Iaccess with LEZ day pass access with LEZ day pass 
Older than Euro 1access with LEZ day pass access with LEZ day pass 

* For trucks over 3.5 tonnes, the designation EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly vehicle) is sometimes used. This EEV is equivalent to euro 5/V emissions standard.  
** Please note that your CNG, LPG or LNG vehicle must have been converted from a petrol engine. 

Conditions for entry from 2026 

In 2026, 2027 and 2028, the admission requirements will become stricter. Keep this in mind if you plan to buy a car.