Why a low emission zone?

A low emission zone guarantees a better air quality.

Better air quality means better health

Air pollution is created when harmful substances such as particulate matter, soot and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) end up in the air. This is detrimental to our health. It results in breathing problems and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Children as well as elderly and ill people are particularly vulnerable.

To improve the health of all residents and visitors, the City of Ghent paves the way for clean air. 

Why a low emission zone?

A low emission zone is one of the most effective measures to reduce soot concentrations in the air. This is important as soot is a major pollutant known to have significant negative effects on health.

The City of Ghent and a number of partners drew up a plan to improve the air quality. The low emission zone (LEZ) is part of this plan, but it is by far not the only measure. Not only traffic, but industry and home heating also have an impact on the air quality.