Low-emission zone in Ghent 2020

  • Due to the crisis measures as a result of the Coronavirus, LEZ fines are temporarily not issued.

  • Registration obligation for foreign number plates

    Permitted vehicles with a foreign number plate must be registered. You can register your vehicle via this online tool. Always check your vehicle in advance to avoid a fine!

    ATTENTION: Beware of certain commercial companies that offer you a service/sticker against payment. This service has no legal value and City of Ghent is not in any way involved. 

  • To improve air quality, Ghent’s inner city (the area within the ring road) will become a low-emission zone on 1 January 2020. Only vehicles that meet the conditions for admission will be allowed into this zone. Avoid being fined and always check your vehicle before coming to Ghent. As a result of the Corona crisis, the City of Ghent is adapting its regulations concerning the LEZ: the cameras remain active, but there are temporarily no more fines.

    Frequently asked questions

Your vehicle is not allowed. How can you temporarily enter the zone?

There are several possibilities if your vehicle is not automatically allowed to enter the low-emission zone. Some vehicles have to be registered (only once, free of charge) while other vehicles require you to buy a paid permit or LEZ day pass.

Where is the low-emission zone?

To whom does the Ghent low-emission zone apply?

  • The low-emission zone applies to: 

    • all domestic and foreign vehicles (passenger cars, camper vans, vans and trucks, agricultural vehicles, buses - this also includes tourist coaches)
    • petrol and diesel vehicles
    • gas-fuelled vehicles (CNG, LNG and LPG)
    • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week starting from 1 January 2020
  • The low-emission zone does NOT apply to: 

    • mopeds and motorcycles
    • electric vehicles
    • priority vehicles, such as police or fire trucks

How does the low-emission zone work?

  • How do you recognise the low-emission zone?

    The low-emission zone can be identified by these signs. This traffic sign is also used in other low-emission zones in Flanders.

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  • What are the entry requirements?

    The most polluting vehicles are no longer allowed to enter the city. These are older diesel-powered vehicles and very old petrol-powered vehicles.

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  • How does the City of Ghent check your vehicle?

    If you enter the low-emission zone, you are automatically checked by a smart camera.

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Alternatives, subsidies, premiums and questions

  • What are the alternatives?

    Reach your destination easily and comfortably by combining different means of transport. 

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  • Check out our premiums and subsidies

    Find out whether you qualify for premiums or subsidies in your capacity as a Ghent resident or entrepreneur.

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