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There is very little humans value more than a clean bill of health. Thus, healthcare is the eternal booming business, and we’re investing big in it. By expanding our health district, promoting our city as a test market for the industry, and positioning Ghent on a global stage, we’re set to become an international healthtech hotspot.

  • Of all startups are in healthtech

    About 1 out of 6 startups in our fair city offer a healthtech product or service

  • 1 university hospital & 3 local hospitals

    Ghent is home to 1 university hospital and 3 local hospitals that each play a vital part in our healthtech initiatives

  • Of Belgian healthtech sector

    Our city is a national hotspot for healthtech, home to 10% of Belgium’s healthtech industry

  • Most clinical trials in Europe

    Belgium is the second biggest site for clinical medical trials in all of Europe

  • A1 publications

    UZ Gent alone produces 1000 A1 publications on clinical medical research per year

  • Graduates in CAR-T disciplines

    Such as biochemistry, biotech, bioengeneering, cell and gene technology and biomedical sciences

Why you should invest in our healthtech scene

Did you know that in Ghent the 3 sub-clusters in health are all located in one city: biotech, digitech and medtech. In the USA there is almost 1000 km between the medtech (Los Angeles) and the digitech (San Francisco).

Get to know our healthtech ecosystem

  • Our city is truly unique because of the strong concentration of various fields of expertise in this small region. It is therefore easier to exchange views, collaborate and cross-pollinate here. This growing ecosystem creates an enormous opportunity to engage in co-creation, conduct research together and think out-of-the-box.

    Catherine Van Der Straeten, Department head of the Health Innovation and Research Institute UZ Gent

Space for HealthTech

Ghent’s current HealthTech cluster is primarily located in the south of the city with room to spare for new business, while more space is currently being developed for expansion in the coming years.


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