Invest in Ghent’s BioTech

The business of BioTech

Ghent is home to some of the most innovative biotechnology companies in the world. We’ve been pioneering biotechnologies since the 70’s, combining knowledge, experience and talent to attract both international investors and skilled professionals to our small but vibrant city.

Our BioTech scene at a glance

  • Industrial Biotech

    Ghent has a high potential biobased ecosystem, where knowledge and innovation go hand in hand with operations. The advantages are easy access to biobased feedstock, the business and research enablers and the big market demand. Pillars of this ecosystem are the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, North Sea Port, Ghent University, VIB (Institute for Biotechnology) and VITO.

  • Agro- and Foodtech

    In Ghent top science meets industrial entrepreneurship at the largest Agro-Biotech campus of Europe. Ghent University in collaboration with the VIB Center for Plant Systems Biology has a long-standing tradition of converting basic science into successful industrial entities such as Plant Genetic Systems, CropDesign, Devgen and Aphea.Bio. 

  • Life Sciences Biotech

    This ecosystem in Ghent is developing new Life Sciences solutions to improve the lives of patients and citizens. The arrival of VIB, the expertise at UZ Gent, the presence of and a highly educated population have led to a powerful and thriving ecosystem in this region. With the proximity and access to the digital ecosystem the assets are present for further growth.

  • of Europes best biotech is in Belgium

    70% of Europe’s top 10 cash-generating biotech businesses are based in Belgium

  • in waste separation in the world

    Flanders is a world leader in waste separation and processing of organic waste and plastic packaging

  • for integrated bioenergy production

    Flanders has the best integrated bioenergy production complex in Europe

  • R&D hub

    Flanders plays host to the largest R&D hub for
    plant biotech and industrial biotech in Europe.

  • top European biotech businesses

    7 of Europe’s top 10 cash-generating biotech businesses are based in Belgium

  • annual investment

    the Flemish government invests 2.5 billion euros
    in local R&D initiatives every year

Why you should invest in our BioTech scene

There are 2 main reasons that Ghent is such an attractive location for us. One is the local talent: when it comes to genomic and bioinformatic knowledge, Belgium has an incredible concentration of expertise. A second reason is our partnership with VIB. We highly value the knowledge, experience, skill sets and approach that they have to plant science."

Ponsi Trivisvavet, CEO Inari

Get to know our BioTech ecosystem

Making space for biotech

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