The future is tech

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The future is tech

If you ever wanted proof of the innovative and enterprising culture of Ghent, you needn’t look further than our interconnected tech ecosystem. Combining healthtech, biotech, cleantech and digital innovation in one city has led to the formation of a powerful community set on pioneering tomorrow’s biggest breakthroughs.

  • BioTech

    Ghent’s thriving biotech scene is already world-class, but we’re on a mission to become the absolute best in the business.

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  • CleanTech

    As a proud green city we’re eager to continue exploring new technologies that benefit our city, our citizens and our environment.

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  • HealthTech

    We’re expanding our health district to further develop Ghent into an international and renowned healthtech player.

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  • DigiTech

    Our public policy makers and private trendsetters are betting big on digital tech for Ghent’s future business growth. 

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When technologies come together

  • Healthcare cluster

    We’re pioneering new healthcare solutions every day. This is only made possible thanks to the unique synergy of our various tech industries, working together to solve tomorrow’s medical challenges.

    Healthtech & Medtech
    Life Sciences & Plant Biotech

  • Circular Economy

    Throughout our city you’ll find companies specialising in the recovery and reuse of waste flows. The key to our circular economy cluster’s success is collaboration between our various local tech sectors, education and knowledge institutions, companies and organisations.


Ghent offers a lot of space for tech

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  • 5 reasons to choose Ghent

    Wondering if Ghent is the right place for you, your business and your employees? Here are 5 reasons to live, work and invest in our marvellous and quirky city.

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  • A world of talent & expertise

    Ghent is home to one of the most educated workforces in the world thanks to our forward thinking citizens, employees and academic institutions.

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  • Life in Ghent

    Ghent offers both small-town charm and big-city excitement, a perfect balance between tranquility and activity, history and modernity, tradition and innovation.

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