A world of talent

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A world of talent

Ghent is known for its excellence in knowledge and expertise, a reputation earned by our close-knit network of cutting-edge research, business and educational institutions. These various factions are constantly exchanging information, collaborating on shared projects and developing new applications and technologies.

  • The success of a company hinges on the talent of its employees. It is no coincidence that we are based in Ghent: an open-minded city which attracts enterprising people. A nice place to live. A university city attracting brilliant minds. Ghent is a place that attracts talent and supports growth.

    Bart De Waele, CEO Duke & Grace, digital agency
  • Big on productivity

    Ghent and the greater Flemish region is exceptionally industrious, boasting one of the highest labour productivity rankings in the world. With an average production per person of 83,200 euros, around 30% higher than the European average, residents of Flanders enjoy great prosperity and a high disposable income in comparison to most other European countries.

  • We speak your language

    Belgium is unique in many regards, one being our relationship with language. The country has 3 official languages - French, Dutch and German - and yet we still also maintain an excellent grasp of English in Ghent, thus catering to the international business scene.
    In fact, Flanders ranks 7th world-wide for English proficiency among non-native countries. The rest of Belgium is not too far behind, coming in at 12th place. What does that mean for you? Communication is key to running any kind of business, and with France, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK just across the borders, it pays to speak their language.

Knowledge = Business

  • Having access to a wealth of knowledge is one thing. Being able to transform that data into an actionable business model is something else. We know that knowledge drives business innovation, but only with the right support system in place.

    In order to fuel the growth of industry in Ghent and abroad we need to pioneer new products, services and solutions. To do that, key players in our city are working together to valorise new scientific knowledge and make it readily available to the business community. Here’s how we’re creating the perfect environment for knowledge to business transformations:

    • Maintaining an innovative mindset among policy makers and government
    • Creating regulation-free pilot zones where innovation can run rampant
    • Supporting entrepreneurs through a centralised and streamlined service 
    • Providing room to grow, literally
    • Attracting highly educated talent
    • Providing subsidies and funds to support innovators

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  • The future is tech

    We’re dreaming of a bright tech future, focusing on 4 key fields of technological innovation to turn Ghent into an international tech leader: BioTech, CleanTech, HealthTech and DigiTech.

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  • 5  reasons to choose Ghent 

    Wondering if Ghent is the right place for you, your business and your employees? Here are 5  reasons to live, work and invest in our marvellous and quirky city.

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  • Life in Ghent

    Ghent offers both small-town charm and big-city excitement, a perfect balance between tranquility and activity, history and modernity, tradition and innovation.

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