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Life in Ghent

Ghent is one of Europe’s greatest treasures - a place that offers both small-town charm and big-city excitement. A place where centuries-old architecture sets the stage for cutting-edge institutions, creating a sense of creativity, movement and growth that attracts entrepreneurs from around the world.

Ghent is a place to call home

  • Vibrant historical city

    It isn’t hard to find culture in a city dating back to the 7th century. For hundreds of years, our fair city has played a pivotal role in shaping Europe. That’s why wherever you look you’ll find buildings and monuments with stories to tell. Our scenic skyline is dotted with medieval towers full of historical intrigue. At the heart of the city lies a 12th century castle surrounded by picturesque canals and cobblestone streets. We’ve even got our own Big Ben.

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  • Festivals & feasts

    Being a student-city means there’s always something going on in Ghent. It plays host to a wide variety of events and festivals throughout the year. The most notable is the Gentse Feesten - a 10 day music and street art festival for all walks of life. If that’s not your scene, one of the many other artistic, independent or green festivals will surely hit the spot. You can dance in a park, kayak through a concert, savour the best indie films on offer and much more.

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  • Art & culture

    Ghent is home to a host of culture, both local and international. There’s always something new and exciting going on in our city, from light projections to traditional costumed dances to exotic customs from around the world. You’ll also find an array of eclectic museums, contemporary art exhibitions, independent cinemas and inviting theatres throughout Ghent.

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  • Ghent is attractive, not too small and not too big. The city charms our employees and that stimulates them to build a life here for a longer period of time.

    Sven Vandeputte, managing director of OCAS NV
  • Nature & alternative living

    Parks, lakes, nature reserves and outdoor trails make up more than a fifth of Ghent, a frequent contender for the European Green Capital Award. The city’s balanced approach to urban planning affords its residents a truly relaxing way of life, which has led to a shared environmental awareness throughout the city. This can be seen in the form of community gardens, vegetarian movements, car-free zones, and alternative events set in the surrounding nature of Ghent.

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  • Shopping & dining

    Whether you’re looking for high-street retail chains, boutique vintage thrift stores or flea market bargains, you’ll find it in one of the city’s 7 distinctive shopping areas. Similarly, there’s a wide variety of dining options available. The vegetarian capital of Europe, Ghent is pioneering food-conscious dining through urban farming projects and vegan restaurants. Trend-setting pop-up cafés keep things interesting while long-established brasseries are always nearby if you’re looking for a more traditional experience.

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An open-minded city

  • Smart citizens

    There’s no smart city without smart citizens. While technology plays a pivotal role in the development of a smart city, it’s the people that really make the difference. In this spirit Ghent Living Lab was founded to serve as a testing ground for innovative projects that will help shape the city of tomorrow.

  • Open data

    Building a smart city also requires data and analysis, so we’re working to gather more data and make it publicly accessible to our citizens, investors and entrepreneurs. By focusing on open data projects such as Apps4Ghent and the Ghent Living Lab, we’re co-creating a smarter, better city for tomorrow.

  • The value of participation

    We value the opinions and input of those living and working in Ghent, which is why we’re wholly committed to participation and co-creation. By combining all the relevant stakeholders and players within our city we aim to find the best and most appropriate solutions to current and future challenges.

You are in good hands

  • Excellent education

    Ghent excels in the field of education, from kindergarten to university level. The city has earned international recognition for its wide range of teaching methods and educational systems. We believe education facilitates both personal development and social mobility, which is why the city of Ghent continues to invest in new initiatives and facilities.

  • Global Healthcare

    Belgium has an impeccable healthcare system that provides care and assistance to all residents through state-of-the-art medical facilities, many of which are based in Ghent. Through a partnership between local hospitals and the Ghent University, VIB and imec, the city enjoys international fame in the fields of life sciences, medical technology and scientific research.

  • Smart mobility

    No one likes sitting in traffic. That’s why we’ve converted Ghent into a cyclist’s paradise through dedicated bicycle lanes and other key infrastructure. Locals bike to school, work and shopping districts. And for those who prefer being passengers, Ghent has an excellent public transportation network in the form of buses, trams and trains.

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  • The future is tech

    We’re dreaming of a bright tech future, focusing on 4 key fields of technological innovation to turn Ghent into an international tech leader: BioTech, CleanTech, HealthTech and DigiTech.

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  • 5  reasons to choose Ghent 

    Wondering if Ghent is the right place for you, your business and your employees? Here are 5  reasons to live, work and invest in our marvellous and quirky city.

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  • A world of talent & expertise

    Ghent is home to one of the most educated workforces in the world thanks to our forward thinking citizens, employees and academic institutions.

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