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Making the move from linear to circular

Ghent is on its way to becoming a continental hub for cleantech innovation. Our initially small cluster has grown into a network of pioneering cleantech players active in the fields of materials, energy, water and mobility. We’re constantly looking to fill knowledge gaps in our cleantech ecosystem and contribute to the industry as a whole, all the while striving toward our goal of making Ghent carbon neutral by 2050.

Taking our cleantech to the next level

  • circular organisations

    Ghent boasts nearly 150 circular organisations operating in Ghent

  • cleantech actors in Flanders

    Flanders is home to more than a thousand actors in cleantech industries

  • CO₂ reduction per year

    North Sea Port reduces its CO₂ output by 140,000 tonnes every year, and has the ambition to use 30% renewable energy by 2022

  • employees in our circular economy

    Ghent employs 4,500 people in the circular economy and Flanders employs 25,000 people

  • in subsidies for innovative projects

    Ghent provides 4,8 million euros in funding to support innovative projects via a spearhead fund

  • cleantech EVITDA value

    cleantech is flourishing not only in Ghent but in all of Flanders. This is reflected in our solid value and earnings

Taking our cleantech to the next level

  • We value participation, co-creation, living labs and other initiatives that engage a wide range of industries and institutions. Our academic and research centres regularly work with businesses big and small to form partnerships and create solutions together.

    As a European Capital of Technology, Ghent is focusing on clean technology to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. Want to know how?

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Get to know our cleantech ecosystem

Space for Cleantech

In the Ghent region, there is still room for the expansion of industrial activities and for the growth of CleanTech. In Ghent, we are fans of the motto 'he who does not fail, does not try' and so in Ghent we not only make room for established companies but also leave room for experiments and failure.


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