Circular economy

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    Circular economy

    Making smarter use of resources, producing less waste and reducing CO2 emissions? Discover what happens in Ghent with regard to circular economy.

We are limiting Ghent’s carbon footprint by using fewer primary raw materials, and allowing resources and products to circulate longer and with higher quality. This way, we are transitioning from a linear into a circular economy. As a European Technology Capital, Ghent is focusing on clean technology to accelerate this transition. We apply new technologies with regard to resources, water, energy and mobility to build a sustainable future for our city, our citizens and our environment.

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Renewable energy

Ghent wants to maximise the available amount of renewable energy from the sun, soil, wind and waste flows.


Smart examples from the circular economy in Ghent

Koffiegruis circulair

Circular economy within the City of Ghent

How does Ghent stimulate and increase a circular economy within its own organisation? Take a look behind the scenes.

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Together for a circular economy

The transition to a circular economy is not something we can do alone and requires changes in each link of the chain. The City of Ghent, North Sea Port, Ghent University, the Province of East Flanders, the provincial development agency of East Flanders and Cleantech Flanders are joining forces via the Cleantech Cluster Region Ghent. This partnership develops a resilient cleantech ecosystem in the wider region of Ghent and signs up for sustainability with vigour. 

But Ghent citizens, companies and the educational sector are also experimenting with the reusability of products and raw materials and the reduction of primary raw materials. For instance, Ghent has numerous citizen initiatives on waste management, recovery of resources and consuming less. By exchanging knowledge between the various links and setting up experimental projects, we are accelerating the circular economy. This makes Ghent a pioneer within Europe.