Circular materials management within the city organisation

How does Ghent stimulate and increase a circular economy within its own organisation? Let’s take a look behind the scenes.

The past few years, the City of Ghent set up a large number of circular projects within its own organisation. Why? Because Ghent wants to play a pioneering role in this field. The city aims to produce less waste and reduce CO2 emissions through a smarter use of materials. It’s not always noticeable, but the city takes a lot of behind-the-scenes initiatives relating to circular material management.


This is what Ghent does behind the scenes

  • Circular social employment

    The social economy has a lot of potential as regards circular economy and circular material management. A case in point is the Services Company for Social Economy

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    DBSE Circulair
  • Circular waste management

    A large organisation generates a lot of waste. The City of Ghent tries to reduce its internal waste production and has entered into a partnership with Ivago for that purpose.

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    Afvalbeheer circulair
  • Coffee grounds

    How can a waste product like coffee grounds be processed and used as a raw material in a sustainable manner?

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    Koffiegruis circulair
  • Circular ICT

    ICT devices have a major impact on the environment and the climate. How can we make our municipal ICT policy more sustainable?

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    Circulair ICT
  • Circular greenery

    The City of Ghent intends to avoid or reuse green waste or offer it locally for reuse by means of a more sustainable green space management.

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    Circulair groen

The circular experimental garden

The circular experimental garden is part of the circular material management project of the Facility Management department of the City of Ghent. The project is a result of the circular ambitions of the 2019-2024 coalition agreement: ‘Ambition and audacity for Ghent’. As also mentioned in the 2020-2025 climate plan, circular material management is a major challenge. 

The City shares its knowledge collected and lessons learned from these projects to inspire other organisations to get to work as well.