You want to buy a permit

How does it work?

Why can you buy a temporary permit for your vehicle?

Some vehicles do not meet the entry requirements for the low-emission zone (LEZ), but have not yet been depreciated. Other specific vehicles cannot simply be replaced. Thanks to a temporary permit, drivers can still enter the LEZ until 31 December 2024. In the meantime, drivers can take measures towards 2026, when the entry requirements will become stringent.

Is the permit of your vehicle also valid in other cities?

No, it isn't. Temporary permits for the Ghent low-emission zone are not valid in other cities with a low-emission zone such as Antwerp and Brussels.

When do you have to apply for your permit?

A paid permit needs to be applied for and paid at the latest 1 day after entering the low-emission zone. This ensures that your number plate appears on the list of allowed vehicles in time and prevents you from being fined. Note: your application can be denied in case of incorrect or missing documentation. This may result in being fined after all. You are therefore advised to apply for your permit in advance.

How much does a permit cost?

The price you pay depends on three criteria:
1. Vehicle category
You can find your vehicle category on your vehicle's registration document in section J.
2. Validity of the permit
You can apply for a permit with a validity of one week, one month, four months or one year. The longer the permit is valid, the higher the price will be.
3. Price levels
There are four price levels: a regular price, a reduced price, an increased price and an increased price II. The Euro norm, your specific situation or the type of vehicle determine in what kind of price level your vehicle falls.

How do you buy a permit?

Gather the relevant documents

Determine the documents you need to buy a permit for your vehicle. You can find the required documents under each type of vehicle on this page.

Go to the online tool

The online tool works best with the Google Chrome browser. 
Enter your number plate, the date of first registration (refer to section B of the registration document) and the country code. 

Go through all the steps

  • The check against the LEZ database takes place on the day when you register your vehicle. If you want to extend a permit, you need to apply for a new permit.
  • Enter the information as indicated on your registration document in order to get a correct answer. If additional information or evidence is required to assess your application, you have to add this information or proof yourself. You can do so in the following formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG and Word. You can also add pictures of your evidence.
  • Choose the desired starting date of the permit (the starting date can be no further than 4 months in the future)

Make the payment

You immediately have to pay for your application online. So keep your bank card and card reader ready.

You will receive an email by way of confirmation of your application

You will receive an email with a summary of your application. You have not received an email? Please check your spam folder. You cannot find the email in your spam folder either? Apparently something has gone wrong. Please try again or contact the LEZ team at +32 (0)9 210 10 30.

Keep in mind that the average processing time for an application is 14 days. You can already enter the low-emission zone but you do so at your own risk. After all, your application has not yet been formally approved.  You are therefore advised to apply for a permit in advance.

You will receive an email with the decision 

After no more than 14 days you will receive an email with the decision.

  • If your application has been approved, you can enter the low-emission zone.
  • If your application has been denied, the reason will be mentioned.  Perhaps you need to upload another document or your vehicle does not meet the requirements for a paid permit.

Do you need help?

Do you need assistance completing your application or do you lack access to a computer?
Please contact the LEZ team to make an appointment (+32 (0)9 210 10 30).


What if your number plate or other details change?

If you sell your vehicle or if the number plate changes, a new permit needs to be bought for the vehicle. As set out in article 4 of the Municipal Rules and Regulations for the Ghent Low-Emission Zone, it is not possible to transfer permits.

This is not necessary if:

  • the owner has to request a new number plate (if the number plate was stolen or declared "to be replaced")
  • the person in whose name the number plate is registered has died and someone living at the same address takes over the vehicle with a new number plate.

Attention: In the above cases, you must register this via If the registration is not done properly, you still risk an LEZ fine.