Buy a LEZ day pass for the low-emission zone

You can buy a LEZ day pass up to eight times a year. The pass enables you to access the LEZ with any vehicle for the duration of one day

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Do you drive a vehicle that does not meet the entry requirements and does not qualify for a temporary permit ? Then you can buy a LEZ day pass up to 8 times a year. The LEZ day pass grants you access to the low-emission zone on the day of your choice until 6am the following day. The LEZ day pass is only valid in Ghent and not in any other city with a low-emission zone.


  • The LEZ day pass is intended for vehicles that fail to meet the entry requirements of the low-emission zone.
  • You can buy a LEZ day pass up to 8 times a year per number plate.


The LEZ day pass costs 35 euro regardless of the type of vehicle you drive.


Submit your application no earlier than 4 months in advance and no later than on the day of entering the LEZ. This ensures that your number plate appears on the list of allowed vehicles in time and prevents you from being fined.