How do you contest a LEZ fine?

If you have received a fine after entering the Ghent low emission zone, and you do not agree, you can file a written defence.

Contesting a fine for a Belgian number plate 

1. Online with eID (electronic ID card) signature 

To contest your fine online, you’ll need to identify with your eID. You’ll need your eID and its pin code. 

Fines can be contested via this link.

To finalize your online appeal, scan your vehicle registration certificate with both sides included in a single document and all your other arguments and proof included in another single document. 

Please note: you can upload a maximum of 2 attachments. Keep your fine number close. 

If you can’t identify using your electronic ID, you’ll have to contest your fine in writing by registered mail. 

2. You can contest a fine in writing by registered mail.

You must use the appeal form for this. This form is appended to the fine. You only have to pay when a decision has been reached regarding your appeal.

You send the appeal form, all your arguments, and proof by registered mail to the address mentioned below. The appeal needs to be received within 30 days of the date of issue of the fine. If you fail to submit your appeal in time or by registered mail, your appeal will not be processed. Appeals submitted by email will not be accepted.

  • City of Ghent - Environment and Climate Department
    Attn: the low-emission zone administration
    Botermarkt 1
    9000 Gent

3. The procedure  

The defence must reach the City of Ghent within 30 days from the date of sending the fine. 


  • Unsigned or not signed with your electronic identity card or late dispatches will not be processed.
  • A defence via regular e-mail will not be accepted.

4. You have contested a fine. What to do next?

A fines officer will check whether your objection is justified within 90 days. You do not have to pay the fine as long as you have not received a communication on the matter.

  • Your objection has been declared justified? You do not have to pay the administrative fine.
  • Your objection has been declared unjustified? You have to pay the fine within 30 days after being informed by the fines officer.

5. Do you qualify for late registration?

Check if you qualify for late registration via this link.

Contesting a fine for a foreign number plate 

For a vehicle with a foreign fine, the same rules apply as for a vehicle with a Belgian number plate.

However, you may have to address your defence to a different address, depending on the country in which your vehicle is registered. After receiving your defence, the debt collection agency has 90 days to process it. Until you receive a response, you do not have to pay the fine.

These details are always mentioned on the fine letter you receive. Below you will find an overview of the debt collection partners the City of Ghent works with.