Residence permits for Ukrainians

People who arrive in Ghent from the Ukraine, are eligible for temporary protection. Read about the procedure and find out how to apply.

Vlag Oekraïne

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If you are Ukranian and you are staying in Ghent, you can apply for temporary protection as displaced persons. Here is how.

Registration in Brussels

  • To register, present your identity documents at the registration centre in Brussels.
  • The Immigration Department will immediately give you a certificate of temporary protection, unless additional research is required for your file.

Temporary residence permit

  • Do you have your temporary protection certificate and an address in Ghent? Make an appointment with the Migration Counter at the Stadskantoor. Keep in mind: you need 1 appointment per family member, including any children.
  • You will receive a temporary residence permit (annex 15).
  • If you have a permanent address, the police will check if you actually live there.
  • Did you receive a letter with pin and puk codes? Take this letter to Burgerzaken - Afhaalbalie Stadskantoor to collect your residence permit (type A, valid until 4 March 2025). You don't need an appointment to collect your permit.