Online appointments at the Migration Counter or a service centre

On this page you can find out more about online appointments at the Migration Counter.

You can make an appointment online at the Migration Counter. For example, to start your procedure, extend or collect your residence card,... 

Do you still have questions about the start-up of your file? If so, be sure to contact the Migration Information Centre first, they will guide you through the complex legislation and help you find the most suitable way to register as non-Belgian in Ghent, after which you can book an appointment online at the Migration Counter.  

You can start your residence file, submit the necessary documents and apply for a residence permit at the Migration Counter or a service centre.  

The Migration Counter and the service centres only work by appointment. You can make an appointment in 3 different ways:

Below you will find an overview of the products for which you can make an appointment online at the Migration Counter. 

Please note: this is not an appointment to get information about a procedure or about certain documents. To do so, please contact the Migration Information Centre.

Make your own online appointment below.

Asylum/Applicant for International Protection: have you submitted an application for international protection (asylum)? If so, you may need one of the following:

  • You want to have a certificate of Immatriculation (orange card) drawn up or renewed
  • You want an appendix 35 in the context of an appeal procedure (attention: currently only digital)
  • You want to apply for a residence card because you have been recognised as a refugee or have been granted subsidiary protection.
  • You have received the papers from the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons and you wish to submit them to have your data updated (please note that you do not have to come by, you can also e-mail this to  

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Short stay: If you are staying in our country as a citizen of the Union* or a third country national for less than 3 months, e.g. because of a tourist stay (or if you wish to extend your short stay) and you are staying at a private address (not a hotel), you are obliged to register with the municipality. (Attention: students follow a different route) At the moment this registration is also done digitally because of corona. 

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Registration long stay: (you can also send an email to start your registration online) You have just arrived in Belgium, you live in Ghent city centre and you also stay longer than 3 months? Then you need to apply for registration. You will also need to make an appointment if you are in the following situation: You are a third country national and have entered our country:

  • A D visa (work, family reunification,...)
  • A C visa
  • Without a visa (because you are visa-free)
  • As a third country national, you want to change your current status.
  • You are an EU citizen and you want to register on the basis of:
    - Work, self-employment, jobseeker
    - Family reunification
    - Own Resources
    - Other
  • Your file is closed due to a departure abroad, automatic deletion,... and you want to start a new procedure. 

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Residence card: You are already in possession of an A, B, C, D, E, E+, F, F+ or H card or the paper version of annex 8 or 8bis or annex 15 (pending a decision by the Immigration Department).

  • Your residence card has expired and you must apply for a new residence card (you have received an invitation letter or a decision from the Immigration Department stating that your card may be renewed).
  • You have lost your residence card (this can only be done as soon as you are in possession of an appendix 12 - police report form)
  • The chip of your residence card no longer works
  • You want to switch to an E+ / F+ card (You can also request this by mail)
  • You want to switch to a C / D card (You can also request this by mail) 

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Pick up your residence card: You have received the PIN codes of your applied for residence card and you want to collect your residence card. You can only do this at the location where you applied for the card. 

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Annex 35: You are entitled to an appendix 35 or you want to extend it (during the corona measures you can also request this by e-mail).

  • You already have an annex 35 and wish to extend it.
  • You have lodged a suspensive appeal against a negative decision and you 
    are entitled to Annex 35

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Single Permit: You are a migrant worker and have applied for a single permit. You have already received the decision = appendix 46 and would like to make an appointment for this. Please contact the Migration Info Point for information about the single permit. For an update of your file, it is better to mail or call the Migration Desk or your service centre. Take this product if you need one of the items below:

  • Annex 49 pending a decision by the Immigration Department because the card has expired or because the labour market on your current card changes = by mail
  • Annex 49 pending a residence check (you entered with a D visa but the home inspection has not yet taken place) = by mail
  • A new residence card with a (new) mention of employment 

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Residence card for children (Identity card/IB): If you want to travel outside the Schengen zone as a non-EU citizen, you will need a cardboard residence card with a photo for each child under 12 years of age. So make an appointment for a Children's Card (Identity Ticket/IB) if you are travelling soon.  

EU citizens must always be in possession of a national passport or identity card delivered by their own government. A residence card for children has no added value here. 

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Report departure or return: If you are not staying at your address for a period of more than 3 months, for example if you are going to do an internship abroad, if you have to supervise a project abroad for a few months for your job, if you are going outside Belgium for more than 3 months for touristic reasons,... then you have to report this. You can report your return by e-mail if you can confirm your presence in Belgium by means of the necessary supporting documents (e.g. an entry stamp in your passport).

Are you leaving our country for good or do you currently have no plans to return, can you do that online. More info can be found on this page

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Change identity: Have your identity details changed, for example because your name, place of birth or nationality has changed? Make an appointment so that we can change it and/or send the documents proving it to the Immigration Department in Brussels for permission. (You can also send your documents online; it is not compulsory to make an appointment). 

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3bis (guarantee): Would you like to invite someone from abroad and would you like to act as a guarantor for this person? You will need appendix 3bis for this. You must have this guarantee legalised at the Migration Counter or in a service centre.

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*Union citizen means all EU countries, EEA (EU countries, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) and Switzerland.


  • Make 1 appointment for 1 person. If you have questions for more than one person or about different products, please make a separate appointment!
  • Bring all documents that may be useful for the conversation.
  • Be on time but ... not too early. As long as the corona measures apply, you must respect the rules of social distancing. Therefore, do not come to the appointment earlier than 10 minutes in advance.
  • If you can't make your appointment, let us know as soon as possible.