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Offbeat city
in the heart of Europe

  • A human-scale city with the heartbeat of a metropolis.
    A city of trailblazers and free spirits.
    An authentic place with a rich past and an exciting future.

    We’ve got a lot going on in Ghent.
    But it’s not about how much we do, it’s about the way we do it: together.

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Made by Ghentians

  • Ghent Festivities

    All kinds of events and festivals take place throughout the year in this city. But the Ghent Festivities are by far the best known: ten days of fun, music, theatre, dance and entertainment in the city centre. More than 400 organisers pull up their sleeves to put on a spectacular festival with over 3,000 activities. More over, Belgium's biggest and wildest street fest has been free since 1843!

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  • Foodsavers

    The Ghent-based Foodsavers platform collects unsold food from supermarkets, auctions and farmers and distributes it for free through social restaurants and organisations fighting poverty. The idea is to make healthy food more accessible to all Ghentians and to reduce CO2 emissions from food waste. What’s more, the organisation creates opportunities for inclusive employment, so it’s win-win-win!

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  • Circômplex

    Soap made from coffee grounds, book bags made from recycled materials that you can rent, washing machines to share ... Innovative start-ups are springing up like mushrooms in Ghent. Circômplex brings together circular pioneers under one roof at the old Vynckier site. This former cotton mill will become a hub for ‘cleantech’ and the beating heart of the region’s ‘doughnut economy’.

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