Ghent fights food waste with 30+ workshops

Ghent is launching a series of workshops to raise awareness about food waste.

Gent en Garde, Ghent’s food policy, has a year-round offering on the subject of food waste reduction. These workshops are an additional incentive to raise awareness and drive behavior change.

In October and November, Ghentians have access to more than 30 free workshops. The topics include conservation techniques, fermenting, optimal fridge organisation, pickling, composting techniques, improv cooking and cooking with leftovers.

Towards less residual waste

This initiative is part of a broad campaign by the City of Ghent and IVAGO (Ghent Household Waste Collection) to reduce waste. It also includes an online knowledge centre with tips on how to reduce food waste in the different stages of consumption: shopping, cooking and waste separation.

“Less food waste means less residual waste and much less carbon emissions.”

Tine Heyse, Deputy Mayor