Most child and youth-friendly city in Flanders

Ghent intends to be the most child and youth-friendly city in Flanders.

The City of Ghent starts from an offensive, positive viewpoint on youth, with a strong belief in the power (and not regarding the complaints) and the potential of young people. Child and youth-friendliness is not only an objective in itself, but also a touchstone of a responsible social and people-friendly policy.

At the end of 2014, the City of Ghent was bestowed the label of ‘child and youth-friendly towns and cities’ by minister Sven Gatz. This label was a recognition of the work already achieved by the entire Board of Mayor and Deputy Mayors and all municipal services. However, this is not a final point, but on the contrary an encouragement to invest even more in a child and youth-friendly city. The entire Board intends to speed up the gear. Within the Youth Department, additional functions were created, including the appointment of a programme director and a child secretary.

Working towards a child and youth-friendly city includes more than sufficient playrooms, more than extra slides and swings…. Child-friendliness is also defending the interests of the most vulnerable children and youngsters.
Next to a compilation of the vision and the basic principles in the scope of a child and youth-friendly city, it will comprise a range of action plans initiated by various services and departments.

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