Ghent is a lively and multicultural city.

Quality living

In 2001, the European Union carried out a comparison study on the quality of life in different European cities. Ghent scored very well. In 2005, once again Ghent was confirmed a good place to live when it was declared the ‘nicest' city in Flanders.

Ghent stands for ‘lively' and ‘multicultural'. The large pedestrian shopping area and the wide variety of cafés and restaurants make Ghent a great place to be.

Happening city

Ghent is a happening city. The City of Ghent is continually working to improve the life quality and opportunities. Together with private companies, Ghent is investing in different city renovation projects.  The City administration is still reaping the benefits.

Thanks to the rebirth of community living, and the new peaceful squares and green zones, there is an end to the city exodus. Ghent has once again become a highly attractive place to live and work.

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