Investors can apply for one of the support measures of the city of Ghent and the Flemish- or federal authorities.

Investors are very welcome in Ghent. With a string of support measures, the City of Ghent is acting on its word. Depending on the nature of your activity, you can apply for one or more of these premiums.
Also the Flemish and federal authorities offer tax advantages to investors. Your account manager will gladly point you in the right direction!
Here below you will already find a concise overview:

Federal incentives

The federal authorities have implemented a number of incentives to stimulate research and development. Additionally they have a system for innovation premiums, fiscal investment advantages and fiscal notional advantages (advantages for risk capital) that is unique in Europe.

Flemish incentives

The Flemish authorities support entrepreneurs at different levels. They support companies that invest in research and development via the IWT. They also subsidize the renovation of empty buildings and offer ‘ecology premiums'.


Businesses smaller than 500m² established on territory belonging to Ghent, have the right to a tax exemption. Additionally, all new business concerns can enjoy these benefits for up to five years following the start up of the company, provided they meet the required conditions. Contact your account manager.

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