More information on the rental agreement.

The rental agreement will specify several things: the amount of the security deposit, the duration, the rental price, the notice period(s), obligations, rights and prohibitions, etc. When you sign an agreement for a specific duration, the period you sign it for is binding, which means that, under normal circumstances, the contract cannot be broken before the end of the rental period.

A student rental agreement is not the same as renting a whole house. Therefore kotatgent proposed a model rental agreement. In this we seek a balanced and fair distribution of rights and obligations of the tenant and landlord.

Take a lookat the model rental agreement for student accommodation (257.73 KB)

The deposit

Keep in mind that you will also be required to pay a deposit to the equivalent of one to three months rent when you start renting the room. Make sure the landlord gives you a receipt! The landlord may ask you to open a joint bank account for the deposit, which will be returned to you upon departure if no damage to the room or its furniture was detected. The deposit should never be considered as payment for the rent! 

Should you experience trouble recovering the deposit, ask for help and advice at the Housing Office of your host institution.

Supplementary costs

If heating, electricity, water and internet costs are not included in the rental price, it has to be stated clearly in the agreement how these costs will be calculated. Very often a landlord will ask for an advance on these charges of approximately 50 euro. 

At the end of the rental period, the landlord will compare this sum with the actual bills and will calculate the difference. He will calculate the bill by taking a meter reading at the start and at the end of your rental period. Make sure to read the meters yourself when moving into your student room, and keep a note of the numbers!

Keep in mind:

  • To carefully read the rental agreement before signing
  • To write down all verbal promises
  • To take the meter reading when you move in
  • To make an inventory.

Pay attention to:

  • The duration of the rental agreement
  • The notice period.

If you are facing difficulties as regards your room, either prior to, during or following the tenancy period and you do not succeed in reaching a settlement with your landlord? Please contact the Housing Office of your host institution or