International public debate on the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Monday 4 June 2018 18-20h (doors open at 17.30h)


Franklin Rooseveltlaan 1

9000 Ghent

The city of Ghent and EUROCITIES are working on the 17 UN sustainable development goals that the UN adopted in 2015. Belgium is one of the countries that subscribed these goals. In 2016, the city of Ghent organised its first public debate on the SDGs. In that same year, the Belgian federal government appointed Ghent as one of the 8 “SDG voices”. In March 2018, the city won a UN prize on SDG communication.

The SDGs are ambitious goals to be reached by 2030. For the first time, there is a big responsibility for the cities. Without the cities there will be no SDGs.

Are cities up to that? What do they need to reach those goals? How can companies, civic society, knowledge institutions and other government levels like the nation states and the European Union support cities? How do European cities work with the SDGs?

Find out on Monday 4 June 2018.

Peter Woodward (European Sustainable Development Network) will moderate this inspiring debate with our international panel:

Alexander De Croo Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and federal Minister for development cooperation
Daniël Termont Mayor of Ghent and EUROCITIES president
Joan Clos Former UN Habitat director and SDG expert
Stefan Crets Director Corporate Social Responsibility Europe
Prof. dr. Thomas De Block Director Centre for Sustainble Development at Ghent University
Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh Mayor of Malmö (to be confirmed)
Peter Kurz Mayor of Mannheim (to be confirmed)

We look forward to receiving you for this lively and interactive debate!

Participation is free of charge, but places are limited so make sure you register in time.
Register by mail to virginie.verstraete@stad.gentor give Virginie a call on +32 9 266 82 66

An initiative of the City of Ghent and EUROCITIES