Ghent City Council and EUROCITIES organise a debate on the future of Europe and the role of cities on 22 June 2017, 18:00 - 20:00.

22 Jun 2017

city hall, city council meeting room, Botermarkt 1, 9000 Gent

60 years ago, the heads of government founded the European Economic Community, the predecessor of the European Union. Is there still reason to celebrate today? Can the European Union continue to exist in its current shape or does it need a complete make-over? If so, how? European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has drafted 5 scenarios in his ‘White Paper on the Future of Europe’. He is reaching out to everyone who has ideas on the topic.

The city of Ghent and EUROCITIES are glad to accept this invitation. Indeed, the growing role of cities and their vast experience with participation at the local level, especially in Ghent, can be inspiring for Europe. Together with panellists the organizers want to share ideas and engage with the public in a lively debate.

The panel consists of:

  • Aline Muylaert (co-founder of CitizenLab, a digital platform for civic participation)
  • Daniël Termont (mayor of Ghent and current president of EUROCITIES)
  • Ivo Belet (member of the European Parliament since 2004 and co-author of the book ‘The Gap. Is Europe Still Ours?’)
  • Laia Ortiz (deputy mayor of social affairs in Barcelona and current chair of social affairs forum of EUROCITIES)
  • Luc Van den Brande (former minister-president of the Flemish Government and currently a special advisor to European Commission President Juncker on how to bring citizens closer to the EU)
  • Jonathan Holslag (teaches international politics at the Free University of Brussels, author of several books and well-known debater in national and international settings)

Ine Renson, a journalist who works for the Flemish newspaper De Standaard, will act as moderator.

Read more about this debate in document below.

Call to registerContact Gentinfo +32 9 210 10 10 from 13 May until 19 June