Ghent is likely to be elected President of network EUROCITIES at Annual Meeting in November.

Even though the final verdict is still a secret, it’s likely that the City of Ghent will be awarded the title of President of EUROCITIES in Milan next month. The network brings Europe’s biggest cities together to exchange knowledge and experience on current issues and challenges facing urban areas, and to ensure that cities’ voices are heard by European political institutions. This year, its annual meeting will be held in Milan in November, during which a new President will be appointed. Ghent is an extremely committed EUROCITIES member, and is currently Vice President of the network. Ghent believes that cities alone cannot counter European crises, but that they have an important role to play in helping European political institutions and member states do so. Here in Ghent, we have a history of adapting to changing circumstances because we dare to think and act differently. It is through local experiments with alternative forms of mobility, food production, urban planning and creative citizenship that we will find answers to today’s pressing societal challenges. 

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