Ghent is 1 of 3 nominees for the European Green Capital Award 2020. The winner will become a rolemodel on sustainability for a year.

Since 2010 the European Green Capital Award (EGCA) has been awarded annually by the European Commission and is significantly comparable to the title of European Capital of Culture. The sustainability award is given to a European city of more than 100,000 inhabitants, who are fully committed to the environment, social and economic sustainability. With this title, Europe wants to reward and stimulate the efforts that cities make.

Ghent will now have to compete against other nominees, Lisbon (Portugal) and Lahti (Finland), for the award. A jury of international experts assesses cities on their efforts on twelve different sustainable themes such as green, climate, biodiversity, air quality, mobility, waste, energy, and so on.

The nominated cities must also convince a jury of their policy on sustainability. Both efforts and achievements as well as future plans will factor in this. The jury also assesses the cities for their ability to act as role models and the way in which they communicate with the outside world.

Which city will become European Green Capital 2020?


In June all finalists present their file to the jury. On 21 June 2018 in Nijmegen, the European Green Capital for 2018, it will be decided which city will succeed Oslo in being the  Green Capital of Europe for 2020. The City of Ghent is already very pleased with the nomination. In the jury report Ghent scores very well on delivered climate efforts, which is an important recognition of the climate policy pursued and an incentive to achieve the target of a 40% reduction in CO2 by 2030.

Thanks to everyone in Ghent


The City of Ghent would like to thank all its inhabitants, entrepreneurs, organisations and its own employees who are already helping to turn Ghent into the Green Capital of Europe. Together we can make Ghent a good climate to undertake, to work with and to live.