Japanese Court Music and Martial Arts

28 Jan 2017


Tinnenpotstraat 21

9000 Ghent

On the occasion of the 150 years of friendship between Japan and Belgium, Meiji Jingu, a prominent Shinto shrine in Tokyo, will organize in Belgium and other European countries, performances of Gagaku and Budo, two of the jewels of Japanese tradition and culture. Gagaku and Budo both represent the distillation of the Japanese spirit, which was been cultivated over countless generations. This event is a unique occasion to be initiated into Japanese culture and its spirit. 

Program: from 17:00 PM to 19:00 PM.
Introduction of Japanese culture – Short film

Budo (Martial Arts): 

  • Aikido and Kenjutsu by Masters at Meiji Jingu Budojo

Gagaku (Court Music):

  • Etenraku (Music of 3 wind instruments and 3 drums)
  • Yoyogi-no-mai (Shrine maidens’ dance with music)
  • Ran-ryo-ou (Dance with music)

Performed by Shinto priests and shrine maidens of Meiji Jingu

The entrance is free of charge, but registration is required. Fill in the contact form on www.tinnenpot.be or mail to info@tinnenpot.be (mention your name, the name of the show and the number of tickets) or call to 09 225 18 60.

Collaborators: Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce, Ghent University, City of Ghent

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