Long-term parkers are being encouraged to park at a park-and-ride (P+R) at the edge of the city.

A vital link in reducing the car traffic in the city center is to create more park-and-ride (P+R) spaces. These will take care of the car traffic outside the city center and will offer connections with public transport or bicycles.


Name Number of parking spots Location
P+R The Loop/Expo 168 Map
P+R Gentbrugge 150 Map
P+R Gentbrugge Arsenaal 250 Map
P+R Moscou 15 Map
P+R Mariakerke Post 25 Map
P+R Industrieweg Wondelgem 46 Map
P+R Oostakker 200 Map
P+R Muide (Pauwstraat) 50 Map
P+R Maaltepark  40 Map
P+R Hekers 68 Map
P+R Watersportbaan (Zuiderlaan) 230 Map
P+R Bourgoyen 250 Map
P+R Neptunus (Wondelgem)  148 Map
P+R Weba/Decathlon  200 Map
P+R Galveston 250 Map
P+R Sint-Pietersstation 300 Map

Please be aware that P+R Galveston and P+R Sint-Pietersstation are paid park-and-rides. You are able to get a day ticket or subscription service for P+R Galveston. P+R Sint-Pietersstation only offers a subscription service (day tickets are not available).