Premiums and subsidies for people looking for smarter ways to get from one place to another

Do you no longer want to be stuck in traffic with your car? Are you considering making a partial switch to cycling or public transport?  Or does your car fail to meet the entry requirements for the low-emission zone, which takes effect on 1 January 2020? Then check whether you qualify for one of the premiums or subsidies. The city authorities support numerous healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives. Please contact if you have any questions.  

Low-emission zone residents 

Scrapping premium of up to € 1.500 for an old car  

Ghent residents 

  • Subsidy of up to € 500 a family for handing in a number plate  
  • Reimbursement of registration expenses for car-sharing scheme   
  • Subsidy of up to € 6.000 for the purchase of an electric or CNG car used for car sharing   
  • Are you struggling to move around and do you have a limited income? Then you can use cab vouchers to drive by cab at a cheaper rate. 
  • Are you handing in a number plate and do you have a limited income? Then you can apply for free cab vouchers. 

For Ghent-based companies and self-employed people  

  • Subsidy of € 1.000 for the installation of a public charging station   
  • Subsidy of up to € 400 for an electric bicycle or moped in case of scrappage of an old scooter or moped   
  • Subsidy of € 3.000 for the purchase of an electric cab  
  • Subsidy of up to € 3.000 for the purchase of an electric or CNG car used for car sharing

For market vendors

Do you want to buy a LEZ-proof market vehicle or do you want to modify the engine of an existing market vehicle? Then you can apply for a subsidy of up to 10.000 euros. You can then apply for an additional subsidy of up to 5.000 euros to set up the sales section of your market vehicle. 

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"The subsidy was a push in the right direction to choose for an e-bike. Leslie Roman