In 2014 4 partners planned to erect a monument in Ghent in honour of Mandela.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first democratic elections in South Africa in 2014, it was decided to honour Nelson Mandela by erecting a monument in Ghent. The chosen site was De Krook.

In 2014 South Africa celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first democratic elections that took place in April 1994. Those elections ushered in a new era: post-apartheid South Africa under the leadership of the charismatic Nelson Mandela. To commemorate these historic elections, four Belgian partners, the City of Ghent, Ghent University, Africalia and the South African Embassy in Brussels decided to join forces. Their mission: to erect a monument in honour of Nelson Mandela in Ghent.

In consultation with the college of the Mayor and aldermen of the city of Ghent and Architects Cousée and Goris, the site of De Krook was finally chosen for the monument.

As a beacon of innovation, entrepreneurship, education and culture, and a lively meeting place for young and old, De Krook seemed to be an ideal place for an iconic figure such as Nelson Mandela. De Krook is not only a unique and ambitious project of urban renewal, it is also a place where people from different cultures, organisations and backgrounds come together to experiment and discover, to inspire each other and to learn from each other. This whole dynamic mix of diversity, culture and education connects perfectly with the character of Nelson Mandela.

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