Ghent attaches great importance to partnerships with other cities.

Collaboration with other local governments allows Ghent to further develop its knowledge and capacities in order to build a city that is prepared for the future. Ghent truly believes that strong cities can have a positive impact at a global level. With that in mind, the City invests in the development of regional, European and global networks. After all, lessons learned in Ghent can also help other cities worldwide tackle their local challenges.

The City of Ghent sets up partnerships with cities across the globe to reach specific goals from its pluri-annual strategic plan. In doing so, it adopts a critical approach and only agrees to partnerships that are well thought-out, and enjoy government and political support. These collaborations are formalised in Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with a clear end date, which are assessed upon expiry.

Ghent has MoUs with the following cities:

  • Gdańsk (Poland)
  • Burgas (Bulgaria)
  • Weihai (China)
  • Mangaung (South Africa)

Ghent has also joined forces with two other Belgian cities to jointly reach a set of international targets:

  • Liège
  • Mons