The City of Ghent grants subsidies to the organisers of events and promotional activities with a national or international appeal.

Eye-catching events boost Ghent’s reputation and image both in Belgium and abroad, and among inhabitants, companies and visitors.

Concretely, the City grants subsidies for:

  • Events that take place in Ghent and serve to strengthen the reputation and image of the city
  • TV programmes, films, books, CDs, multimedia and the like
  • Conferences and board meetings that take place in Ghent and contribute to boosting the reputation and image of the city 
  • International sports events in Ghent 
  • Events organised by Ghent-based stakeholders outside of the city (in Belgium or abroad)

Upon request, the Ghent Film Office can provide logistical assistance for TV recordings and film shoots. It  assists you in finding specific locations and requesting the necessary permits.


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