Where is the low emission zone situated?

The Ghent city centre or the zone inside the Ghent ring road is a low-emission zone.

Only vehicles that meet the access requirements are still allowed to drive in the zone. The low emission zone is marked in pink on this map in pdf.

The R40 (Ghent ring road), the N430 (Nieuwewandeling-Blaisantvest), the access road to the Gent-Zuid car park of the R40 and E17 (B401 and Zuidparklaan), the Gent-Zuid car park exit in the direction of the R40 and E17, Jules de Bruyckerdreef, access to the car park AZ Sint-Lucas: Terhagen, edge car parks that can be driven on and off without having to enter the LEZ are not included in the low emission zone. You can enter your destination in the search bar to see on this map whether it falls within the LEZ (the pink zone).

Is your destination located in the LEZ? Check your car

Keep your vehicle's number plate and date of first registration ready. If you enter these details, you'll immediately know whether you can enter the low emission zone with your vehicle or not.

Your vehicle meets the access requirements but it features a foreign number plate?

Then you will need to register your vehicle free of charge (except for vehicles with a Dutch license plate). The registration is valid in all Flemish low emission zones (Ghent and Antwerp) until the end of 2024 (diesel with Euro Standard 5) or until the 31th of August 2027 (diesel with Euro Standard 6). The registration is not valid in the Brussels LEZ. 

Your vehicle does not meet the access requirements. What now?

You can leave your car here 

In a Park & Ride car park on the edge of the city

All Park & Ride sites are located outside the low-emission zone. Click here for an overview.

In the Gent Zuid underground car park (city centre) - provided there is still room

You can park a vehicle that does not meet the access requirements in the Gent Zuid underground car park on condition that this car park is not full. Please note you have to enter the car park via Zuidparklaan. The entrance on Woodrow Wilsonplein is located in the low-emission zone. When leaving the car park, you should follow Gustaaf Callierlaan until you reach the Ghent ring road (R40) or slip road to the motorway (B401).

If Gent Zuid car park is full, you will be notified of this in advance by means of the digital signs on the B401 (E17 slip roads), Zuidparklaan and Ghent ring road (R40). If this is the case, it is no use to drive to Gent Zuid car park and you should head for P+R The Loop/Expo or P+R Watersportbaan.

Request a temporary permit

If you are not allowed to enter with your vehicle, you can request a temporary permit for one week, one month, four months or one year, or buy a LEZ day pass. The type of permission you need depends on the vehicle you drive. Answer the questions of the online tool to find out the right permit for your vehicle.

Use public transport to go to Ghent

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