You have an adapted vehicle

Your vehicle is not allowed to enter and has been adapted to your disability. You own a parking card for people with disabilities.


Are you driving a adapted vehicle that cannot enter the low emission zone? If your vehicle or situation meets the conditions below, you can get an exemption. It allows you to register your vehicle free of charge.

The registration is valid in all Flemish cities with a low emission zone (Ghent and Antwerp) until 31/12/2024 or until the validity of the required documents. The registration is not valid for the LEZ in Brussels.


You can only register your vehicle free of charge if you meet all of the following conditions:
  • your vehicle has been adapted to your disability. A removable steering ball, power steering or automatic gears are not accepted as modifications to the vehicle for this exemption.
  • you have a parking card for people with disabilities
Does a family member use his/her adapted car to transport a disabled person? You can apply for the same exemption for that vehicle:
  • This family member needs to be registered at the same address as the disabled person.


Registration is free.

Note: If you register a new vehicle with that number plate, the registration expires. You will then have to register again.

Required documents

  • your registration document
  • your parking card for people with disabilities (front and back)
  • proof of adaptation of the vehicle to the disability: (individual) approval certificate issued by the FPS (Federal Public Service) for Mobility or any other competent government body
  • proof of domicile of the owner of the number plate
  • proof of domicile of the disabled person


Register your vehicle online. Need some help? Take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact us or +32 9 210 10 30.

Register your vehicle no later than 1 day after entering the low emission zone. This ensures that your number plate appears on the list of allowed vehicles in time and prevents you from being fined.

Note: The decision regarding your request is only final once you have received a confirmation. Processing your request can take up to 14 days.  If you enter the Ghent low emission zone before having received confirmation, you do so at your own risk. If it appears afterwards that your request was denied because you did not meet all requirements, you can be fined. You are therefore advised to register in advance.