Late registration after receiving a fine

You forgot to register your vehicle and you received a fine? Maybe you qualify for a late registration.

Do you qualify for a late registration for a Belgian vehicle?

You were unaware of the LEZ in Ghent, you've never registered your vehicle before and your vehicle does meet the conditions listed below?

In that case your vehicle qualifies for late registration. Please note that the late registration must be completed at the latest 30 calendar days following receipt of the fine. For the late registration you have to pay a fee of 75 euros, which also has to be paid in time. You can apply and pay for a late registration. The fines officer can only drop the original LEZ fine if the registration is approved and the fee is paid in time.

Please note, if you received a warning letter before, if your vehicle was registered before or if you did receive a LEZ fine before regarding this vehicle, then you were aware of the LEZ in Ghent and you do not qualify for late registration. The LEZ team can reject an application, in which case they will also refund you the 75 euros.

If you qualify for late registration, you have to follow this procedure:

  • Register your vehicle late at the latest 30 days after having received your LEZ fine via Check your car. You will immediately have to pay 75 euros. Registration in the LEZ data base is only valid if it has been approved. You should take into account the fact that it takes 14 days to process your registration.
  • File your objection at the latest 30 days after having received your LEZ fine with form C, stating that you made a late registration stating your file number.
  • If your objection is accepted, the fines officer will inform you and ask you to pay a fee of 75 euros.
  • If you pay the fee in time, your fine will be dropped.  If you do not pay the fee in time, there will no further possibility to pay it  and the fine can no longer be dropped.

Did you forget to register your vehicle with foreign number plate and receive a fine?

A charged late registration is only possible for vehicles that may be permitted to enter the LEZ if registered. This is not possible for a charged temporary admission. The letter you received from the City of Ghent or its debt collection partner will tell you what your options are. 

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