Priority vehicle

Priority vehicles that do not meet the entry requirements need to be registered before you enter the low emission zone (LEZ).

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Do you want to enter the low emission zone with a priority vehicle? Please check your vehicle in advance with the online tool.
  • You are allowed to enter? Your vehicle is granted access automatically. You do not have to do anything.
  • You are not allowed to enter? You can register the priority vehicle free of charges if it meets the conditions mentioned below. The registration is valid in all Flemish cities with a low emission zone  (Antwerp and Ghent) until 31 December 2024. You can apply for an extension for the next time period. The registration is not valid for the LEZ in Brussels. 


Priority vehicles include police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, private ambulances (intended and specially equipped for transporting ill and injured persons) and MUG vehicles (specially equipped for carrying a medical emergency team and emergency equipment to accident scenes). These vehicles are recognisable by their specific equipment: sirens and rotating lights (pursuant to the definition set out in article 37 of the Belgian Highway Code ). Note: private vehicles of e.g. doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers do not qualify as priority vehicles.

Required documents

  • your vehicle's registration document
  • picture with clearly visible number plate and features (blue flashing light, sound generator)


Make an appointment (+32 9 210 10 30) if you want to register your vehicle. 

Register your vehicle no later than 1 day after entering the low-emission zone. This ensures that your number plate appears on the list of allowed vehicles in time and prevents you from being fined.