How do you recognise the low emission zone (LEZ)?

Pay attention to the traffic signs

If you drive in and out

The low emission zone can be identified by these signs. This traffic sign is also used in other low emission zones in Belgium. The signs indicate you are entering or leaving the low emission zone. You are inside the low emission zone once you have passed the first sign. Smart cameras in the low emission zone check the number plates of vehicles passing by. If you enter the LEZ with a vehicle that does not meet the entry requirements, you will be fined. So always check your vehicle before entering the low emission zone.

If you are almost there

The blue signs will be installed at a certain distance from the low emission zone. These signs will indicate the final possibilities for drivers to opt for a different route if they want to avoid the zone. This will make it impossible to enter the low emission zone by accident.
Is your vehicle not allowed? See where you can park your car.  

Do you have a question?

Contact LEZ team using the contact form or call +32 9 210 10 30.