Enforcement with smart cameras

Your number plate is scanned by smart cameras installed along the LEZ

How is a number plate checked?

1. an intelligent camera records your number plate when you enter the low-emission zone.
2. Ten days after your vehicle entered the low-emission zone, the number plates of that day are filtered automatically:
  • All double records are deleted (a maximum of one daily fine is issued per number plate).
  • All vehicles with an approved paid permit or a LEZ day pass for the Ghent low-emission zone are recognized and filtered out.
3. All remaining number plates are forwarded to the Flemish authorities. These number plates are checked against the vehicle details held in the LEZ database which gets its info by DIVfromRDW and the registrations carried out in Antwerp and Ghent
4. What remains is a list of vehicles not allowed to enter the LEZ or a list of foreign vehicles that aren't registered. This list will be sent to the local authorities of the City of Ghent, who will manually check this list once more.
5. If your number plate appears on the list of vehicles not allowed to enter the LEZ or on the list of foreign cars that aren't registered, you will receive a fine and the relevant report in your capacity as the vehicle's owner.