Permit: Visitors of residents

Residents can register visitors online. Your visitors will be granted access to the restricted traffic area for the duration of the visit.

Who are you (= the applicant)

  • You are domiciled in the restricted traffic area;
  • You are planning on moving to the restricted traffic area and you have submitted a change of address.

Who do you request a visitor permit for (= the user)?

  • For your visitors;
  • For contractors and suppliers who do not hold a permit;
  • For the registration of a shared car you use.

You need a permit for:

  • loading and unloading;
  • picking up or dropping off people;
  • Driving to a garage or parking space in the restricted traffic area to park the vehicle.

How to request access to the online registration tool?

  • You can request access to the online registration tool through the online service desk; Access is granted for one year and is automatically renewed in case your domicile remains unchanged;
  • You registeren the vehicles of your visitors yourself in the online registration tool;
  • Each registration is linked to a licence plate;
  • Residents of one or more families living at the same domicile address (such as cohousing), make a mutual decision who will request access;
  • You may change the licence plate indicated in a registration up to three times a day (for example for another visitor that will use the same space that day).

Take a look at our instructional video:

How many vehicles may I register?

  • A maximum of two vehicles per domicile address, regardless of the number of residents;
  • If all residents of the same domicile address have more than 2 garages or parking spaces at their disposal, you will be able to register one additional vehicle per additional garage or parking space.

Additional information

  • Visitors registered in the online registration tool can enter the restricted traffic area in which the residence or parking is located all day (24/24). Please be aware that visitors may only enter the restricted traffic area through the entry points associated with that specific restricted traffic area;
  • If a resident wishes to register a visitor to make use of a garage or parking space you have at your disposal, you will have to present a certificate of ownership or a rental agreement;
  • Vehicles of visitors must be registered the day of their visit. You can also register a visitor after arrival;
  • If you are planning to move to a restricted traffic area and you already submitted a change of address, you will receive a permit for 3 months which may be renewed once;
  • A permit does not grant permission to park in a restricted traffic area. Parking in the restricted traffic area is strictly prohibited. You may only park your car in your garage or parking space located in the restricted traffic area.

Restricted traffic area and entry point

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Model certificate to be filled out by your doctor

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