Reasons for the implementation of the Circulation Plan

Why is the Circulation Plan necessary?

Ghent is a vivid, vibrant and growing city. A busy city like Ghent has plenty of advantages but also a number of challenges, because the pressure on the city keeps on growing. For that reason, the city council has made some decisions ensuring that both citizens and visitors will get more space.

Ghent also needs to stay viable and accessible TOMORROW. That is why TODAY, the city council has made decisions ensuring that citizens and visitors:

  • Will get more space to enjoy Ghent;
  • Will be able to move safely;
  • Will be able to live, work and study in a healthy living environment;
  • Will be able to easily reach their destination.

What is changing?

  • The restricted traffic area/pedestrian area is going to be extended.
  • The city center is going to be divided in 6 sections surrounding the restricted traffic area.
  • Transit traffic on important roads will be prevented by closing streets for motorized vehicles.
  • There is a change of travel direction in various streets.
  • The inner ring (R40) will get you from section to section.
  • The main ring road (R4) will get you from municipality to municipality.

This way, there will be more space available for pedestrians, cyclists, buses and trams. Traffic that really needs to be in the city, will easily reach their destination. Emergency services, public transport, refuse collection vehicles (IVAGO), taxis and healthcare providers with permits, (electric) bikes, cargo bikes and class A and B mopeds are allowed to pass through streets closed for motorized vehicles.

Pay attention: class B mopeds have the approval to pass through streets closed for motorized vehicles, but may not drive through the restricted traffic area without a permit.