Pedestrian streets

Pedestrian streets are streets reserved for pedestrians between 11am and 6pm.

Between 11am and 6pm, pedestrian streets are strictly reserved for pedestrians. These streets are completely traffic-free between those hours: no cargo traffic, no car traffic, no taxis and no cyclists. However, you are allowed to enter the traffic-free zone if you push your bicycle by hand. This way pedestrians can shop and stroll comfortably.

The pedestrian streets are: Mageleinstraat, Kalandestraat to Koestraat included, Langemunt and Donkersteeg. Graslei will be traffic-free as well, but only during the summer months, starting from June until September included (everyday from 11am until 6pm).

If you drive a bicycle, moped, motorcycle, car or another vehicle in the pedestrian streets between 11am and 6pm, you will get a retribution.

  • Cyclist: If the police stops you, you will get a retribution of 55 euros.
  • Vehicle with a registration plate: Cameras with automatic registration plate recognition (ANPR) as well as police offiers will check if people comply with the regulations in these pedestrian streets. In case you violate these regulations, you will get a retribution of 55 euros.