General principles of the restricted traffic area

Ghent has five restricted traffic areas with a permit system and access policy.

The restricted traffic area in Ghent was increased in april 2017. As a result, we had to rethink the permit system and access policy of the restricted traffic area. Residents, merchants, suppliers, busses and taxi will still be able to cautiously drive through the restricted traffic area.

5 restricted traffic areas

  1. The big city center from Koophandelsplein to Sluizeken and from Sint-Michielsplein to Bisdomkaai;
  2. the area fro Koestraat to Kalandestraat, including Paddenhoek;
  3. Kortedagsteeg to Lammerstraat, including adjacent streets of De Krook and half of Savaanstraat and Ketelvest;
  4. Streets and bridges between Nederkouter and Hospitaalbrug: Verlorenkost, Verlorenkostbrug, Sint-Agnetebrug, Coupure Links between Sint-Agnetebrug and Hospitaalbrug, part of Albert Baertsoenkaai between Apotheekstraat and Verlorenkostbrug;
  5. Overpoortstraat from Voetweg to Heuvelpoort.

Less permit categories

The new Mobility Plan reduced the 26 permit categories to 17 different permit categories.

Not all permits will automatically grant access to all restricted traffic areas. A resident domiciled in one restricted traffic area won't automatically be able to drive through another restricted traffic area. However, access to different restricted traffic areas may be granted.

Suppliers with delivery addresses in multiple restricted traffic areas may request a permit for each restricted traffic area. Please be aware that supplying your customers within the restricted traffic area is only allowed from 6pm to 11am, with an exception of the restricted traffic area in Overpoortstraat, there access is allowed from 5am to 6pm.

From paper to digital

Mobiliteitsbedrijf made the switch from paper to digital. Digital permits are available faster as they no longer need to be send by mail or have to be picked up at Mobiliteitsbedrijf.

Licence plate numbers of vehicles with a permit will be added to a digital list. The vehicles mentioned on this list are permitted to enter the restricted traffic area. Access control is done by ANPR-cameras. These camera's will scan you licence plate and check if your vehicle has been added to the digital list.

Fixed entry points

A permit for a restricted traffic area will give access through all or a limited number of entry points. Eacht entry point has its own access control camera. Entering a restricted traffic area without a permit will result in a fine of 58 euro.