General principles of the permit policy

The new permit policy for the restricted traffic area.

The restricted traffic area is going to be extended. From 3rd April 2017 onwards, Ghent will have 5 restricted traffic areas/pedestrian areas/car-free zones:

  1. The large central area extending from Koophandelsplein to Sluizeken and from Sint-Michielsplein to Bisdomkaai. That area will be subdivided into 4 smaller areas (see 1a, 1b, 1c and 1d on the map), which will each have a different access route.
  2. The zone from Koestraat to Kalandestraat, including Paddenhoek.
  3. Kortedagsteeg to Lammerstraat, including the streets surrounding the Krook and half of the Savanstraat and Ketelvest.
  4. The streets and bridges between Nederkouter and Hospitaalbrug.
  5. Overpoortstraat from Voetweg to Heuvelpoort.

The new permit policy for the restricted traffic area

  • Your permit is free. You will always need a permit if you want to enter the restricted traffic area with a car or another vehicle with a registration plate (except for e-bikes and class A mopeds).
  • You can only obtain a permit for the desired zone.There are 5 restricted traffic areas. Those who need to be in a certain zone will only be given a permit for that specific zone. If you need to be in different zones, you will have to request a permit for each of those zones.
  • A permit will give you access via fixed access routes. You can enter a specific restricted traffic area via fixed access routes if you have a permit. An access route is an access road with cameras that recognize vehicle registration plates. The access routes are indicated with a red gate on the map. You can also leave the restricted traffic area via the access routes.
  • Public transport, taxis, emergency services and refuse collection vehicles do not need a permit.
  • Street parking in the restricted traffic area is prohibited.
  • If you have a permit, drive slowly and carefully through the restricted traffic area
  • Fines: If you drive in the restricted traffic area without a permit, you will be charged an administrative fine for minor offences (GAS fine) of 55 euros.
  • Supervision: Cameras installed on the access routes to the restricted traffic areas will check all vehicles that pass through. The cameras will inspect each registration plate and check whether it appears in a list of permits and exempt vehicles.