Online appointments at the Migration Information Centre

Make an appointment online at the Migration Information Centre if you have any questions about immigration law issues.

You can contact the Migration Information Centre if you have any questions about the right of residence and immigration law.

We will guide you through this complex legislation and, together with you, find the most suitable way to register as a non-Belgian citizen in Ghent.

At the Migration Information Centre we can assist you in preparing your residence file:

  • Which procedure should I follow?
  • What are the conditions of a certain residence procedure?
  • Which documents do I need?

The start of the residence file, the submission of the necessary documents and the application for a residence document is done at the Migration Office or a service centre.  

The Migration Information Centre only works by appointment. You can make an appointment in 3 different ways:

Below you will find an overview of the products for which you can make an appointment at the Migration Info Point. 

Please note: this is not an appointment for the start of the file, for the submission of documents or to collect your residence card! Please contact the Migration Office or a service centre. Make your appointment here.

Info on short stay: information about short stay (= stay less than 3 months) for Union citizens* or third country nationals, a commitment to bear the costs (appendix 3bis), the extension of the short stay, the refusal of a short stay visa, ...

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Info on residence as a citizen of the Union: Information on enrolment as a citizen of the Union*.
There are different statuses: jobseeker, employee, self-employed person and holder of sufficient means of subsistence.

Would you like information on registration based on a family relationship? Then choose "info on family reunification".

Would you like information about enrolment based on studies? Then choose 'information about students'.

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Info on students: information on enrolment as a student for Union citizens* and third country nationals.

All information on student enrolment is also bundled in information brochures: click here for the information brochure for Union citizens and like-minded people and click here for the information brochure for third country students.

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Info about single permit / stay based on employment: you are not a Union citizen* and you need information on your stay in Belgium based on employment.

If you have any questions about residence based on employment as a Union citizen*, make an appointment for "Info about residence based on employment as a Union citizen".

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Info on family reunification: information on the conditions, documents and procedure to be followed to join a family member in Belgium.

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Info on asylum / international protection: information on asylum/international protection.

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Info on regularisation: information on humanitarian regularisation (9bis) or medical regularisation (9ter).

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Info on unlimited / permanent residence: information on the application for unlimited residence (B, C, D card) and permanent residence (F+ card and E+ card).

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Information on departure and right of return: information on temporary departure and right of return, temporary absence and permanent departure.

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Information on prolonging your stay: information about prolonging your residence document in Belgium, regardless of its status.
For an extension of your short stay: see "information on short stay".

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Info about a decision: you have received a (negative) decision about your residence application and you want to know what steps you can take now.

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* Union citizen means all EU countries, EEA (EU countries, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) and Switzerland.



  • Make 1 appointment for 1 person. If you have questions for more than one person or about different products, please make a separate appointment!
  • Bring all documents that may be useful for the conversation.
  • Be on time but ... not too early. As long as the corona measures apply, you must respect the rules of social distancing. Therefore, do not come to the appointment earlier than 10 minutes in advance.
  • If you can't make your appointment, let us know as soon as possible.