Why circular entre­pren­eur­ship is a good idea

Did you know that circular companies are 60% more likely to remain successful in business in times of crisis?

Doing business in 2020 was no picnic. More than ever, entrepreneurs were asking themselves how to adapt to circumstances and make an impact even in tough economic times. You probably did too. Maybe you also came across the track of circular entrepreneurship in your search? Did you know that circular companies are 60% more likely to remain successful in times of crisis?

What is circular entrepreneurship?

Circular entrepreneurship is doing business in a way that maximises the reuse of products and raw materials and minimises their loss in value. For example, as a company you can already think about the reuse of your products or parts of them in the design phase or choice of materials. You can market these products as a full product or as part of another product. Because raw materials are becoming scarcer, you have to ensure that you continue to grow. And circular entrepreneurship makes that possible. Moreover, you have less impact on the environment. And that is why we do it, isn't it? 

Where is the formula for success?

Successfully starting a business is proactively responding to trends such as climate change, scarcity of raw materials and consumers who want to buy sustainably. But what makes circular entrepreneurship such a success formula?

  • Companies that conduct circular business are more resilient
  • Companies that do circular business are more dynamic
  • Circular businesses are locally anchored
  • Circular entrepreneurs have largely decoupled their growth from access to scarce resources.

The Circular Kickstart

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