Meet our team!

Our team dreams of a bright tech future for Ghent, as a frontrunner in 4 key fields of technological innovation.

Those clusters are biotech, healthtech, digital tech and cleantech. Our goal? To turn Ghent into the European capital of technology. Wondering if Ghent is the right place for you, your business and your employees? Contact us and find out!

  • Els Pandelaere

    Els is our go-to-person for all things Biotech, working for the City for more than 10 years now.

    She’s deeply involved in facilitating the landing of (international) talent and companies in our city.

    When she’s not working, you can find her in a Ghentian coffee-bar. Secretly, she always wanted to open up one herself.

  • Pieter Vancoillie

    Pieter focusses on Healthtech and has great networking skills. He knows the entire value chain like the back of his hand.

    He has strong project based skills and a good overview on financial channels.

    When he’s not working, you can find him in the kitchen, as he's an amateur cook. He also enjoys running, cycling or being outdoors.

  • Eva Van der Gucht

    Deep diving into our Digitech ecosystem is what Eva does best. She has a preference for innovative projects with a strong social character.

    She likes to chatter. Therefore, she always prefers to meet in person and loves networking at events.

    When she’s not working, you can find her in a Ghentian wine bar, as she used to exploit one herself. She relaxes most while cooking, reading or strolling around our marvelous city.

  • Wouter Antheunis

    Wouter is helping to give more shape to our cleantech cluster, guiding our city toward climate neutrality along the way.

    He has a background in biochemistry and political sciences and has worked on nitrogen recovery using electrochemical cells and membrane technology.

    When he’s not reading about the newest hydrophobic membranes or digital twin models, you can bump into him with a selection of the finest local cheeses in hand.

  • Els De Mol

    Els offers support to the team, coordinating different European projects.

    She focuses on the cooperation between different partners, ensuring the knowledge is shared and aiming for a major impact.

    Next to keeping tabs on all the deliverables, costs, and outputs, she has a real neck for ecological gardening. She also enjoys biking tours and traveling. So when she has a day off, you can find her outdoors.

  • Ellen Roels

    Ellen’s passionate about spreading the word about our capital of technology.

    She’s hands-on and ensures efficient communication to engage the target group.

    She also coordinates events and activities to attract new business opportunities to Ghent.

    In her spare time, she’s reading an English novel or going to a yoga class downtown.

  • Dieter De Smedt

    Dieter’s busy setting the stage for Ghent as capital of technology.

    He’s a strategic thinker and criss-crosses over the four spearheads, leveling up the international playing field.

    When he’s not working, he’s out for a run or enjoying the many bars and restaurants in our unsung capital of cool.