Knowledge, economy and innovation

Ghent has an enormous, fast-growing potential of research facilities which can lead to new practices and technologies.

From knowledge towards a new economy. That is exactly what Ghent wants to be strong in. The City has an enormous, fast-growing potential of research facilities which can lead to new practices and technologies. And knowledge and innovation are of major importance for the entrepreneur. The publication "Ghent puts Knowledge to Work" focuses on knowledge accurately lists the available assets. A valuable document for entrepreneurs from home and abroad who want to settle in our City.

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City of knowledge

The development of knowledge economy is for the City of Ghent a valuable policy domain: stimulating innovation and supporting and counselling the entrepreneurs occupy a prominent place.

Ghent is the largest student city of Flanders. During the past few years, the Ghent University knew an exponential growth of the number of doctorates, publications and patents.

Furthermore, the University has patents in very important innovative technology domains such as biotechnology, pharmaceutics and telecommunication. The patents of companies and knowledge centres such as Innogenetics and VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor de Biotechnologie - Flemish Institute for Biotechnology) even strengthen that position. And particularly these patents can mean a lot for the economy.

Research of world class

Ghent currently boasts 13 research centres of world class. The centres do research towards applications for very diverse domains such as life sciences or bio-fuels.

Ardoyen Science Park

The Ardoyen Science Parks is part of the Technology park Zwijnaarde, in which the Campus Ardoyen (30ha) is also situated. At the Ardoyen Science Park (22 ha) you can find approximately 40 research-oriented companies which employ a total of 1500 people.

Both the VIB (Flemish Institute for Biotechnology) as the Ghent University boast incubators at the science park. An incubator creates the circumstances in which spin-offs and starting companies can develop into healthy, prosperous enterprises. The incubators are virtually all taken. That is why the University has decided to construct a passage building on the science park with a floor surface of 11.000 m², where companies that have outgrown the incubator can settle themselves.

At the Ardoyen Science Park, there is currently 1,7 ha readily available space for research-oriented companies, and there is still room for the current companies to expand. Owing to the presence of biotech companies, the Ardoyen Science Park plays a significant role in the development of the Flemish biotech cluster. This biotech cluster is an accumulation of companies and research institutions in the field of biotechnology in the region of Flanders.

New space

Science parks in full development create new space in the future. From 2014 onwards, Eiland Zwijnaarde will be readily available with a total surface of 35 hectare, on an area of approx. 60 hectare.