New investment projects

The City of Ghent invests in the development of scientific research parks, business plots and office space.

Ghent wants to play an important economic role both in Flanders and at world level. The focus is on technology and innovation. The City of Ghent is busy investing in the development of scientific research parks, business plots and office space. These are the projects currently in progress:


The Wiedauwkaai industrial zone is situated in the north of Ghent level with the southern part of the port area. The City of Ghent is working here on the concentration and re-arrangement of an existing industrial park. In total, 20 ha will be redeveloped for local businesses and 20 ha for community services.

Eiland - Zwijnaarde

Eiland - Zwijnaarde is situated in the sub-municipality Zwijnaarde, in the south of Ghent and borders the Ringvaart, the Tijarm and the Bovenschelde. The plot will provideoffice space, transport, logistics and distribution (as much as possible via water), with a total productive surface area of 35 ha on a plot of 57 ha.


De Lourdeshoek is a regional business plot in the port area. An area of 3,35 ha is being split into ready-for-construction business plots, which will be designed following high quality norms. This will mean creating a well-supplied, environmentally friendly, attractive environment with efficient use of space.

The Loop

The Loop is situated in the south of Ghent. A new area of the city (145 ha) is being created via public-private development, which will have a positive impact both on Ghent and surrounding regions. The total surface area of the project is 552,500m². There will be space for offices, retail, leisure and housing.

Gent Sint-Pieters

Ghent station is the most important passenger station in Flanders. It is both a joining point for public transport and a (inter) national gateway to a broad region around Ghent. In the immediate vicinity of the station, the City of Ghent is carrying out a program, covering a minimum of 170,000 m², for offices, housing and commercial-recreation functions. Additionally, the Station building itself is due to be modernized. The platforms will be widened and renovated, and parking facilities and a brand-new tram- and bus station will be built.

The Arteveldeproject

The Arteveldeproject is being carried out on the site where, for a very long time, the ‘Groothandelsmarkt' was situated in the south of Ghent. The Arteveldeproject comprises the construction of a new multifunctional football stadium with its own car park and more than 80,000 m² commercial space for offices, retail, distribution, warehouse storage and logistics activities.

Oude Dokken

This site is situated in the northern part of Ghent. The former port activities keep moving further up north, leaving new space along the waterfront for city developments including a residential zone.