Contact point for entrepreneurs

Questions on entrepreneurship? Contact the OOG.

The contact point for entrepreneurs (OOG) offers clear answers to all your questions, from assistance regarding the search for a suitable location to information on subsidies. Your own personal account manager will supply you with those answers and guide you through the investment process. A glance at our services:

Looking for a suitable location for your company?

We possess an inventory of all available commercial plots and buildings and will help you find a suitable location.

Planning to invest?

We can inform you about the city’s projects, as well as those of other property developers and can make the initial contact when necessary.

Questions about subsidies and other support measures?

We can inform you about the city’s support measures and can bring you in contact with organizations and official bodies who provide information above city level.

Are you looking for social-economic statistics about the City of Ghent and surrounding region?

We gladly allow you access to our large database of current social-economic statistics, which can help you when making important decisions.

Finding good personnel is crucial for your company!

Together, we will search for the most suitable employees, through a variety of different channels:

  • We can inform you about employment regulations.
  • We organize pre-selection from a pool of candidates.
  • We give support on the work floor following placement.
  • We optimize your personnel management by, for example, making you aware of the available training schemes.

OOG has been made possible by ERDF, the European Regional Development Fund.